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Only Love Is All We Have

About The Third Eye Productio

Third Eye is a Syrian company was established in Damascus on 2005 has many of the cultural and business development artistic productions

Our Mission

Our company seeks through its work to that continuous research in the human spirit in depth .. .. .. history .. reality conflicts .. hoping to reach a deeper understanding of the meaning of existence .. and we pick up money picked up by the naked eye .. to be a third kind we get them to you wherever you are and whatever you are.

Why Choose Us

For man is our goal Hdguena've wherever he is and whatever it was.

Accuracy, organization and honesty are patches enjoyed by our staff in any action that we have and we do.

Excellence that we have in all of the work done by us.

Humanitarian and technical relations are very broad.

Financial Studies objective and accurate for all businesses that offer them.

Profit moral is very big our goals.

Profit is a way for the continuation of the company's business and its future stability but not very.

Provide moral and material support for projects that meet them and in the essence of the work.

Competition is to be aware and respectful of others studying Maousel him a product of cultural and mobility to be able to get him to another area and another space.

What we do is the responsibility of the business in the first place and love always strive to offer.